Witcher 3 beard

Witcher 3 beard

Why a witcher 3 beard is needed?

How do people perceive it?

In his history, he repeatedly experienced persecutions, and then the return of interest in it. And today – after decades of oblivion – the witcher 3 beard once again comes into fashion.

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What do women think about witcher 3 beard?

There are studies in which it is claimed that women are crazy about the vegetation on the face of men. Some authors even consider that the witcher 3 beard is a notable dignity of the applicant in hiring, which affects not only women but also male personnel officers: psychologists showed to the 228 personnel managers the photographs of 6 male persons, some of whom were decorated with a witcher 3 beard, and in The result was found out that the beard is associated with physical attractiveness, vivid personal qualities, competence and confidence.

So it is better: with or without a witcher 3 beard?

However, other studies deny the attractiveness of the witcher 3 beard, proving that the sexiest man – clean-shaven. A peculiar compromise between the two is the work of scientists-ethologists, in which the witcher 3 beard and its absence are associated with two different types of male attractiveness:
abundant vegetation on the face causes a stronger interest in women for its owner, but at the same time is associated with aggression and the desire for domination;
the absence of a witcher 3 beard is recognized as a sign of social maturity, wisdom, and willingness to care – a clean-shaven man is subconsciously perceived by a woman as a good spouse and father.